Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Move In

After a week of orientation, JSPS finally released all the students into the wild. I managed to buy a pass card and navigate the Tokyo Metro system. Compared to the New York City subway, the Tokyo subway is cleaner and has more advertisements with scantily-clad women. Still, the New York City subway runs 24 hours a day. New York 1, Tokyo 0.

I also managed to find my apartment. It's very efficient.
From Japan - Move In

Tomorrow is my first day at IBM. Here's how I'm getting to work. In theory.

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For now I'm relaxing and getting ready for work. I found an excellent 24 hour grocery store right by my apartment that has a wide selection of Japanese beer and pre-made meals. Actually, it's very similar to the 24 hour grocery store next to my apartment in New York, but it has cheaper beer and fresher sushi. New York 1, Tokyo 1.

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Jason said...

You've got an apartment near central Tokyo and your commute is in the direction opposite from the main flow of traffic? I hope this post wasn't a complaint about your living situation.

Also, the idea that you'd prefer the movie Starship Troopers to the book is appalling. The very thought is going to prevent me from getting any work done this weekend.